Renting a motorhome

Renting a motorhome

Renting a campervan, or motorhome, is easy with Trip Campers.

First you need to know where you want to go! Sounds easy but with so many places to choose from it's easy to get lost in the amazing wonder of North America.

In most cases you can pick up your motorhome in one location and drop off in another.  A one way rental is a great way to maximise your time spent on holiday and see as much as possible but beware, there is usually an extra cost and you need to book early to ensure you get the motorhome and route you want.

Once you know roughly where you want to go you need to think about the type of camper you want. Motorhomes come in classes; A, B and C. 

Virtually all campers come with a fully fitted kitchens featuring oven, fridge/freezer, sink and cupboards. They also feature a compact bathroom with toilet, basin and shower. Campers have heating and air conditioning as standard to keep you cool or warm depending on when and where you travel.

A class motorhomes are the big guys! Similar in size to a small bus and usually from 30 feet long (approximately 9 metres) they are the most expensive to rent but usually offer the most luxury. A class motorhomes can sleep from 4-6 adults. We would recommend you take a close look and make sure you are happy driving a large vehicle if it's your fist time. To see what could be done to an A class motorhome the movie "Meet the Fockers" features the ultimate in luxury! 

B class are smaller and not actually motorhomes but campervans. They are typically a van conversion and provide a more compact footprint that A or C class motorhomes. Great for couples  with 1 double or 2 single beds they still feature kitchens and in almost all cases a bathroom.

C Class motorhomes are the most popular available. Also known as "Cab over" they feature a double bed about the driving area, utilising space for sleeping and storage. A C class motorhome fits between an A Class and B Class in terms of size, ranging from around 20-30 feet (6-9 metres) in length. Featuring all the same comforts as an A class in a more compact body a C class motorhome is the most common camper available. Easy to drive is a big feature on the C class, the driving experience is very much like driving a normal car, the cabin is based on a pick up truck so they are the easiest to get used to if it's your first time driving a motorhome. 

Take a look at the typical layout of a motorhome to see if it fits your holiday requirements. If you need space for 2 adults and 2 children the choice is huge, depending on how much room you like to have a 25 foot (7.5m) motorhome offers plenty of space often with 2 doubles and a single bed. If you want more space move top to a 28 foot motorhome which provides more living space so you are not living on top of each other. A 30 foot C or A class will give you all the space you need and some even come with a slide-out side that electrically extends out when parked to give you even more room!

Head over to our vehicles page to see some examples of the different classes of motorhome. 

So now you know where you want to go and what sort of vehicle you want what's next? Choose the right motorhome company. In many locations Trip Campers have more than one supplier of motorhomes to rent. We have a handy rating guide to give you an idea of how we rate each company. For example a 3 star company is perfectly good but will sometimes have less options and their motorhomes may not always be the very newest. A 4 start review mean they offer newer motorhomes and may be able offer a higher service level and one way rentals. 5 star reviewed companies are reserved for those that offer the newest motorhomes, usually only up to around a year old so you know you are getting the best quality. In most cases a 3 star company will be cheaper than a 4 or 5 star, however supply and demand will always effect the price just like airlines, so get your motorhome holiday booked as easy as possible. All our suppliers are carefully selected to make sure you get a great holiday experience regardless of the rating.

Each motorhome company offers some different options and features. The basic price of your camper will usually include some basic insurance but not much else. You need to think about how far you will be driving and what extras you will need or want. Much like renting a car, you need insurance. Our supplier all offer a basic insurance as standard with an excess should you damage the motorhome. This can be from as little as $750 to $7500. Some offer a 'top up' insurance that reduces this excess down to zero or a few hundred dollars. Once you have selected your motorhome you will be given a  choice of any optional insurances and what they cover on the next page in our booking system.

If you are travelling from outside of North America you will also want bedding, often called a personal or convenience kit, and a kitchen kit. These give you everything you need to eat, sleep, clean and cook in your home from home.

The last key item to consider is miles or kilometres you will be travelling. Motorhome companies sell packs that are 100, 500 or even 1000 miles/kilometres, so you can prepay for the distance you will travel. There are often 'unlimited' mile/kilometre packs that let you travel as far as you like. If you don't want to work out a route you can select this to make your life easy.

All Inclusive packages are a great way to travel and have no hidden costs. They offer a a package that often includes al the key things you need like personal and kitchen kits with unlimited miles/kilometres and upgraded insurances. Great peace of mind but check whats in the pack before you buy.

Finally, you can often request extra items such as GPS, camping chairs and tables. Check out the available options after you have selected your vehicle on your booking engine.

Booking your motorhome is the first step to your holiday. There are many more flights than motorhomes so make sure you get the camper booked at the same time or first to avoid disappointment, especially if you want to go one way. 

Once you have chosen your add-ons With Trip Campers you can choose to pay a small deposit with the balance around 2 months before pick up date. (This varies by the company chosen) Your payment is taken securely through our payment provider and we never see you are card details. We'll send you full confirmation of your booking and answer any questions you have along the way.

Head over to our staying in your camper page to find out what happens when you actually get hold of that motorhome and head off on holiday!

Types of RV
  • Class A Motorhome
    A bigger, bus style motorhome suitable for extended periods of time. Often more luxurious but at a slighly higher price.
  • Class B Motorhome
    A smaller, van style RV with a raised roof. Generally self-contained with showers and a toilet.
  • Class C Motorhome
    A truck chassis, often with slide-outs to create more space. Great value for money and suitable for most rentals.